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Pede OffPede Off

Collect the butterflies, kill the bugs. Intense arcade shooter!


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Test your visual memory and perception skills to the limit in this simple but addictive card flipping game.

Watch the cards flip and then, once all have been revealed, click on the required pair. Sounds easy? Well of course it is at first, but you'll need a keen eye and a fast mouse to get high scores!

Game modes

There is just one game mode.


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Flipped out - a history

June 29th, 2008 - update

Hmm well I don't want to be bitter, but it appears the rival game in the competition for $500 managed to secure thousands of hits on the very last day, after a week of me winning. It seems their game has been as popular as online bingo. So well done to him/her, I guess. Bah humbug! So in protest I've put the original game back on my site :)

So I'm in a competition to win $500 at, hence me embedding their version over my own! If I win (or lose) the competition, I'll put the original version back, but this is to get me a few more hits to win the competition. Shameless, I know :)

June 16th, 2008

Flipped out v1.0 is finally released and made available to the public, but only on myGamingWebsite right now. Over the next few weeks I may make a few tweaks here and there, but essentially I think the game is done. It's a simple enough game that tests three core visual skills - visual memory, observing subtleties, and the ability to track multiple moving objects. There is a game mode and practice modes that track your improvements each time you play. So enjoy the game!

May 19th, 2008

This is the first release of Flipped Out, so much so that on completion of the game nothing happens. It just sits there! Lazy, I know, but I wanted to get the game approved for in-game advertising and so on so I can start putting all the external pieces together.

The game idea came from watching a television advert and I thought, "that'd be a cool simple game". Plus I thought it would be fun to test visual perception and memory.